Thursday, October 7, 2010

And We're back

Wow been a minute since I've been on here. Like most of my projects I get started only to get distracted by everyday life. But lately I've added a ton of blogs that I liked and wanted to keep up with and had to logon to here again in order to save said blogs. So currently here I am blogging when I should be doing something more productive but hey it is what is it.

Alot has happened since march. I currently started the process for my divorce. My daughter who is six is refusing to see my ex and my ex has only seen his son once since moving back here to Indiana over 3 weeks ago. Also said ex isn't paying any kind of child support either because and I quote " I can't get a job". Trust me tons of excuses end up following that statement out of his lips but mainly those excuses are " My truck isn't working right" "no one wants to hire me" "I can't sit down for too long because of my back and I can't stand up for the entire day because of my back". So.....i'm not holding my breath when it comes to him getting a job. He once told me his truck wasn't working so I told him get the buss and he then said he didn't have a bus schedule and I informed him to look it up. His response no internet. *sigh* It's a lame excuse but there you go. Meanwhile I'm working my booty off trying to pay my medical bills(with out going for bankruptcy) and pay for childcare. Thankfully my parents are letting me stay here for free and free food. But other than that everything else falls on my head.

On a brighter note, Currently Reading Charline Harris's Undead and Unemployed. I've began to reread all of the Sookie Stackhouse books and Once I got though book 7 maybe it was 8, it was the one about the vamp summit. And that is all the Stackhouse books I have in ereader format and I'm not willing to buy more right now. So I'm rereading Queen Besty Series and Let me tell you I forgot how much fun these books are. And they are a bit more detailed when it comes to the love scenes than the stackhouse series(woot!) And just overall laughable. I really enjoyed reading these back about 5 years ago and now its even better. :) I'm a total book fiend if you couldn't tell.

Well I think that is all for now.

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