Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Weekend Behind Me

Its been another weekend, this one a bit more eventful than others. Found out that my 6 year old had stole a very nice watch from her babysitter so she was grounded for most of the weekend but I think we got it through to her that this isn't something that she can do. I also made her apologize to her babysitter and hand the watch back. *crossing fingers* Hope that got through. So I'm currently back at work( I know shame on me)and I'm really starting to hate my job. I work for my dad and it's starting to ware on me. I really want to be back in NC again and make it on my own. I'm actually hoping by next August before my daughter goes to 2nd grade we will have moved again. Here's to hoping. Me and My daughter have also put up our family alter in our kitchen up on a wooden food tray. It works wonderfully, although my cat/familiar Luna keeps drinking the moon water, so I had to put a cap in it. I'll be posting pictures soon. :)

Samhain, is quickly approaching us and thanks to PaganDad's blog about skull garland, I think I have a new craft for me and my daughter. :) I'm finally really starting to do pagan things with my daughter. Last night, she holds up one of her two dream catchers and tells me "If I have this then why do I keep having bad dreams?" I told her to give it to me and that I would charge it and clear it and it should be fine. So before her bedtime I took it outside(it was freaking warm last night) and grounded myself, sprinkled sea salt, and moon water over them all the while chanting Bad Dreams in Good dreams out. Then for added measure(my daughter really hates nightmares) I traced a pentacle onto each dream catcher and imagined a white pentacle on them. So needless to say no more bad dreams last night. I told her anytime she wants me to I will charge the dream catchers for her.

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